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She will die without your generous help to buy clean advanced bandages, antibiotics, special nutrition formulas, and to fund research for a cure. EB is fatal and there is no cure at present. It is the worse disease most have never seen. The most pain Ashley suffers from EB is twice daily baths and then bandage changes because it rips off her paper-thin, fragile blistered skin. The result is severe pain, magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz and deeper wounds and bleeding.

Without this very tedious, 4-hour routine with the help of her precious little grandma, skin infection leading to sepsis, multiple organ failure and death would be certai Ashley has already survived bone marrow cancer, but the chemotherapy severely damaged her already fragile EB skin.

EB has caused horrific fusing of her toes and foot clubbing. Still at age 11, she lives in a cocoon of bandages and diapers.

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Ashley will not survive EB without your regular donations to solve her urgent immediate medical needs, and secondly, to accelerate our innovative expert research for an EB cure. Buy advanced, non-adhesive gentle bandages to heal her deep chronic wounds causing her infections, inflammation and fever.

This will greatly reduce her pain and inflammation. Bath time is not for fun, but 2-hour long very painful bandage changes. Even the best bandages can still rip some skin off without super diligent skill by the mom or dad. The water burns the open wounds. Get control of her skin infections magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz better medical supplies and care, so we will buy antibiotic and steroidal creams to fight infections, itching, scratching, sepsis and death.

Her whole body needs to be covered, thus using up many tubes every day which is very expensive. EB itching never ceases day or night, so the baby does not get enough sleep to heal. Most fall into a vicious itch-scratch-wound-itch cycle constantly creating new and larger blister wounds, and very irritable children.

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Many of our EB children are highly disfigured as they age because they have not had the proper special bandages, antibiotics and nutrition. Buy special nutritional milk formula to maintain and rebuild her muscle, organs, hair and skin.

She is severely malnourished as you can see from her tiny frame and lack of muscle mass.

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EB children have painful blisters ha a magas vérnyomás nem csökkenti a nyomást their mouths and on their tongues. Combined with esophageal scarring, a special liquid diet is critical for survival.

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Perform a left-eye corneal transplant to prevent blindness in that eye. The longer her eye is blinded by EB corneal scarring, the more probable her vision loss will be permanent.

Restart her monthly bone marrow cancer and new skin cancer examinations. The chemotherapy damaged her skin even more increasing her skin cancer risk. Any skin cancer must be detected early and immediately removed. Prior EB blisters between her toes have healed and fused them together. We are also consulting with specialized foot surgeons to have her fused toes separated to increase functionality. Immediately purchase her an air conditioner because the heat makes her skin blistering much worse.

Many of our EB babies live in magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz housing suffering hipertónia formája heat that causes more blisters.

Many of the houses are nothing more than open barn-like structures leading to frequent ant, bug and spider bites. So we first help enclose the inside of the structure if needed, install an air conditioner, and coat the metal roofs with reflective paint. This greatly reduces their blisters. Our research is super-efficient producing objective data-driven, measurable results.

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We are working to replace the mutated skin genes in EB sufferers with new skin genes to make normal, healthy strong skin.

What we are discovering is working and getting results. EB is the worst disease most people have never seen. It is skinning her from the inside-out as her skin constantly blisters off. It is cruel and terrifying. Because the staff of No Baby Blisters is made entirely of volunteer doctors who are working to find a cure for this horrible disease, you can be assured your donation will go towards relieving the suffering of those who have EB and to find a cure under our Fast Cure Plan!

So, we invite you to make a life-saving, high-impact, tax-deductible monthly donation now. Click the donate button now if you love saving babies and want to save Ashley. Ashley has overcome great odds in her young life—but time is running out for the year old.

Please consider a $5 donation to help Baby Ashley today. Thank you!

Just do it! Ashley was born with severe EB disease Epidermolysis bullosaa genetic condition that magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz her skin to blister, peel off and bleed because of mutated skin genes. She has deep, super inflamed chronic wounds all over her body causing fever and constant headaches. It is non-stop agony for Ashley, and non-stop work for grandma.

Grandma never has one second of mental peace because she knows that Ashley is in extreme pain, and grandma fears she could die at any time from her skin infections turning into deadly sepsis within hours. The infection was so severe that both of her eyes were bleeding.

We went to the hospital 6 days per week in an effort to save her vision. Ultimately, her left eye suffered a permanently scarred cornea in this wave of attack.

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Corneal scarring and painful scratches are common in EB children. Another infection could occur at any time attacking her right eye.

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Her regular eye checkups have stopped because of lack of funds. I know God uses you as an instrument to help my granddaughter. She has a chronic forehead wound so deep it almost penetrates to her skull bone. It is a constant source of bleeding through her forehead bandage.

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Her legs are skinned alive. There is no other way to describe their magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz than like raw hamburger meat. Severe scarring affects her bodily movements, eating and swallowing. Twice-daily baths are needed magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz fight her infections and loosen up the bandages before changing.

This minimizes skin ripping and tearing because the old bandages cling to her paper-thin, blistered skin and deep wound beds.

Tevékenységünk speciális területe a szervátültetés vese, máj, kombinált vese- hasnyálmirigy, valamint hasnyálmirigy szigetsejt és ezekkel kapcsolatos határterületek. Klinikánk az élvonalba tartozik a hasi szervek transzplantációja területén.

But baths are very painful because even the best bandages rip some skin, and the water burns the open wounds. The bandage changes tear her skin off. Eating her food is also very painful because of the blisters in her mouth and on her tongue. Swallowing is very painful because of the scarring. The itching inevitably leads to scratching, which tears her skin and new wounds open. This vicious itch-scratch-wound-itch cycle can only be lessened with the proper medicines.

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Proper bandages will greatly decrease her risk of death. It often takes 10 or more tubes of antibiotics, ointments and creams daily to cover her wounds. The expense adds up fast. Many of our EB children magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz highly disfigured because they have not had the money to afford the right bandages, ointments and nutrition to heal. With consistently unhealed infected wounds, Ashley is vulnerable to sepsis the the bacteria enter her bloodstream that can quickly spiral downward into multiple organ failure and death.

There are too many blisters over her whole body. Ashley almost died from her skin infections. I thought she was gone. She looked so pale and collapsed. Then both of her eyes shut.

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Her heart seemed to not be working anymore, and she was humming with her mouth. That is when I begged anyone with a car to take us to the hospital right away.

Someone volunteered and she was saved, but the doctors say EB has damaged her heart. We stayed in the ICU for almost 4 hours. The good news is that she is not infected with the virus, but the doctor changed her antibiotics and gave her calcium for her spinal osteoporosis. Fighting the Prison of Bandages Ashley has lived 4, days trapped in a dark cocoon of restrictive bandages and skin scarring.

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She and grandma pray for someone who will help her escape one day soon. Covered head-to-toe, bleeding through the bandages, she is often found cradled in the arms of her faithful grandma.

She still wears diapers at age 11 because EB attacks her entire digestive tract from beginning to end with inflammation and scarring. Ashley has little independence because of what EB has done to her toes and feet. The blistering, open wound and healing cycles have fused her toes together and slowly clubbed her feet. Her feet are not recognizable. Ashley is fighting to not lose her ability to walk. The only other option like many EB survivors her age is confinement to a wheelchair.

The fusion process has already started.

Before today, Ashley was able to walk and even dance like other kids. Now, she is increasingly dependent on being carried by her grandma or occasionally utilizing a wheelchair. Milyen ételek normalizálják a vérnyomást a magas vérnyomásban of lack of donation funds, Ashley has to do her best to manager her toes, feet, finger and hand wounds with plain gauze bandages that stick to her wounds instead of advanced, non-adhesive ones.

This greatly increases her probability of losing magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz functionality. Because of lack of money, her physical therapy sessions have ended. When Ashley was six years old, already suffering with severe EB pain and blistering since birth, she was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

Taking Ashley to her cancer chemotherapy appointments meant riding public transportation because they could not afford otherwise. The grueling hour-long plus trips each magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz took their toll on both, with Ashley wrapped in bandages head-to-toe with bloodstains showing through.

The chemotherapy only made her fragile, inflamed EB skin drastically worse. At magas vérnyomásban szenvedő donor lehetsz, Ashley was so ill and pale that she would collapse. Despite being forced to stop chemotherapy early, miraculously she survived the bone marrow cancer.

This causes great fear for Ashley and her grandma. Even worse, patients with severe EB suffer very high death rates from skin cancer. The constant, severe wound inflammation is believed to play a role in the skin cancer forming and aggressively metastasizing. With donations, Ashley will get monthly skin cancer screening and biopsies as needed. Grandma is doing literally everything in her power to keep Ashley alive, constantly crying tears of fear and hope.

My heart is crushed. I'm already old.